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Shipping and 3PL Logistics Integration

We provide supply chain automation and integration between your e-commerce sites, suppliers, customers and WMS. Let us expand your B2B and B2C solutions. Sunrise Integration takes the headache out of your supply chain logistics management integration including last mile delivery service integration.

Logistics and Shipping API Experts


Using platform API and EDI technologies Sunrise Integration is able to create omni-channel selling and supply systems that share data between e-commerce sites, 3PL services, WMS, big-box retailer, ERP platforms and any other system.


Connect all of your channels in real time to automate shipping, tracking, reporting and more. Gain visibility into your business goals, increase productivity and increase your online revenue.

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Automate Your Business and 3PL Services

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Let us automate your online business so you can spend less time worrying about shipping, tracking and orders. Sunrise Integration develops and integrates complete supply-chain solutions:

Inventory management integration

Warehouse inventory management

EDI and API integration

Big Box retailer synchronization

Order management system

E-commerce data automation

Tracking and shipment notification

Financial and payment analytics integration

Real time shipping rates and labels

Last mile delivery service and mobile apps

Supercharge your Ecommerce Logistics

Integrate your ecommerce and sales channels for a complete solution

Scale your business with real-time visibility over all your data. We can develop custom solutions for all the major ecommerce platforms, shipping services and last mile delivery including:

  • Shopify Plus

  • Bigcommerce

  • Magento

  • Demandware

  • WooCommerce

  • Amazon

  • TradeGecko

  • Pitney Bowes

  • Shipstation

  • 3PL Central

  • Easy Ship

  • OnFleet

  • and more!

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We Are Your 3PL Integration Experts

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Whether you have one store or multiple sales channels, Sunrise Integration is ready to be your 3PL integration partner. We develop custom projects for B2C, B2B, dropshipping, recurring subscriptions, tracking emails and more. Our team will work with your business to find the right solution for your shipping and logistics needs. Everything from API, EDI and CSV/XML integrations for ecommerce, warehouse and 3PL platforms.


Looking for last mile mobile delivery app services? Sunrise Integration can integrate OnFleet with your business for a complete mobile delivery management platform.

Warehouse Connector

SaaS Platform Integration Solution

Warehouse Connector is a SaaS omni-channel integration platform developed by Sunrise Integration for enterprise synchronization, management, workflow, ERP, CRM, 3PL and ecommerce systems.


Warehouse Connector takes the guess work out of sales and order management for your business.


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