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Shopify Plus Redesign With New Visual Identity and Branding

Stellar Technical Products Case Study

First Glance


Stellar Technical Products is a leading innovator in the electronics manufacturing industry, specializing in high-quality electronic components and systems. Stellar Technical started with only soldering materials and soldering equipment, but over the years has added everyday production supplies. Stellar Technical provides solutions for consumer electronics to specialized industrial applications. When the time came for Stellar Technical to embark on a site upgrade and brand identity refresh, they trusted our Sunrise Integration team to provide the complete service.


Our design and ecommerce team was excited to provide Stellar Technical with a complete range of services including site redesign, logo design, identity branding, ecommerce consulting and Shopify development. Our goal was to enhance Stellar's site while upgrading their image to the outside world. Let's review the project and process that we completed for Stellar Technical.

Sunrise Integration design team created a new site for Stellar Technical

The Challenge


Development and branding projects come with various challenges that any agency must balance. Our project with Stellar Solutions was no exception. The list of project requirements included a full site rebrand including a new logo design and revamping the existing Shopify Plus site.


The Stellar team was not fond of their previous brand identity and wanted a new look-and-feel as the primary driver for the project. The new logo would then feed the new site design for their Shopify site. Whenever a new logo or brand identity is part of the project, it's important that the new design resonates with existing and new customers. You have to balance established company styles with new one. This required a careful consideration and creative process that worked with the client to understand their customer personas. The ultimate goal is to create a logo and identity that looks modern and embodies the essence of Stellar Technical. The challenge is to establish a lasting brand identity that supports growth and evolution.


The new logo must then be integrated in a way that it harmonizes with other elements of the new website, including typography, color schemes, imagery and layout. Existing customers might be accustomed to the previous design so changes could alienate them. It’s important to consider how these changes will be received.


These challenges required a flexible deployment to successfully deliver a solution that not only met but exceeded their expectations.

The Solution


Our team was tasked with reimagining Stellar Technical's online presence through a suite of services. We were tasked with redesigning their website, refreshing their logo, enhancing their brand identity, providing expert ecommerce advice and implementing advanced Shopify features. Through close collaboration with Stellar Technical, we found amazing solutions that met their evolving needs.


New Logo And Branding


The client's most critical request was for updating branding. Stellar Technical did not like their previous logo and wanted a refresh. Drawing inspiration from the iconic painting 'Starry Night,' Stellar selected a sophisticated color palette of navy and gold. This choice not only reflects the artistic brilliance and depth of the painting but also infuses a sense of elegance and richness into the brand's identity.


Creating a new logo for Stellar Technical Products was the first part of the rebranding process. We approached it using our client-focused methodology to ensure it perfectly matched Stellar Technical's vision. The process began with a series of in-depth discussions and brainstorming sessions with Stellar’s key stakeholders. We aimed to understand their brand ethos, values, and the message they wanted to convey. This initial phase was crucial for aligning our creative direction with Stellar's expectations and the broader strategic goals of their rebranding.


We wanted to ensure the new logo would stand out and remain relevant. It needed to resonate with the electronics sector, including relevant color schemes, typography, and iconography. We started with their old logo and iterated on a design that excited the Stellar team.

New logo and rebrand for Stellar Technical


Branding Exercises


To ensure the new design and brand identity resonated with both existing customers and potential new markets, we conducted extensive market research and gathered feedback from a diverse group of stakeholders. This allowed us to understand the needs and expectations of different user groups, ensuring the redesign not only retained the essence of Stellar's legacy but also appealed to a broader audience.


To understand Steller's marketplace, we used a conceptual Four Quadrant Model that categorizes designs based on their style and relevance. This concept uses the axes of "Established vs. Emerging" and "Modern vs. Timeless." This exercise helps our design team strategically position a brand's visual identity within the marketplace.

Design consultation and branding exercises performed by Sunrise Integration

With this foundation, our design team began the creative process, developing several design concepts. Each concept was crafted to reflect Stellar’s innovative and tech-forward identity, using geometric shapes, bold lines, and a modern color palette that communicated both professionalism and approachability.


We presented these initial concepts to Stellar, gathering feedback in a collaborative review session. This feedback was instrumental in refining our designs. We iterated on the chosen concept, fine-tuning details, and making adjustments based on Stellar's input to ensure the design not only met but exceeded their expectations.


Enhancing Search


Search is the core of any ecommerce site and our development team was laser-focused on ensuring the new Stellar Technical site had improved capability. We were able to use the new features of Shopify's Search and Discovery app to power the search. The app improves the overall user experience by making product discovery quicker and more intuitive. We were able to display relevant product searches mixed with matching collections and pages. Customers get a more customized search experience that feels more responsive to their needs. This ultimately leads to higher satisfaction and increased loyalty.


Using the new Shopify AI based search and discovery app


Tracking Events And Analytics


To enhance the site's functionality and track its performance, we connected it to Google Analytics. This integration allowed us to gather valuable data on user behavior, traffic sources, and conversion rates. The Google Analytics setup was customized to track specific ecommerce metrics such as cart abandonment rates, average order value, customer acquisition costs and specific conversion actions like user calls. This important data gives Stellar Technical deep insights into their business performance.


We added custom tracking events for full analytics


Project Management


Integrating all aspects of the site redesign and the rebranding efforts needed meticulous planning and coordination to ensure all elements were aligned. We wanted to maintain a clear and open communication with Stellar to promptly address any concerns and incorporate feedback effectively.  Communication is critical to our Agile process.


We maintained clear and open communications with Stellar throughout the project with open meetings and weekly demonstrations. This created a continuous exchange of ideas and feedback. Every week we could focus on adjustments and strategies as needed. This created an open dialogue where we aligned with Stellar's expectations to ensure success.

stellar b2b signup

Understanding B2B Requirements


Stellar's primary demographic is predominantly in the B2B sector. This includes PCB assembly buyers, production managers in electronics, and buyers for construction and manufacturing industries. It was important for our ecommerce development team to understand the unique needs of their B2B audience and design a site that worked for them. Our design and UX research team embarked on a series of workshops to craft the correct answers.


To design a brand that resonates deeply with B2B customers, we started by creating a series of customer personas that encapsulate the profiles and aspirations of their B2B audience. These personas are the archetypes of their ideal customers. Each one a composite sketch that represents their goals, challenges, and the role Stellar Technical plays in their professional narrative. These personas guide us in personalizing the B2B journey, ensuring that every product recommendation, every piece of communication, and every customer interaction is relevant, impactful, and considerate of the individual's unique needs and preferences. Here is an example of a customer journey map:


We created B2B personas and customer journey to understand the need

B2B Signup Form


Implementing a B2B customer signup form was an essential step to streamline the acquisition and management of business clients. Our solution focused on creating a user-friendly, efficient, and secure form integrated seamlessly into the Shopify platform. Using Shopify's new B2B Forms service, we were able to tailor the fields to meet the specific data requirements.


This B2B customer signup form benefits the customer journey by:


  • Simplifying the onboarding process, making it easy for business clients to register and express their specific needs.

  • Accelerating the sales process by enabling faster and more efficient lead processing and follow-up.


The signup form is not just a functional tool but a strategic asset that enhances the customer journey, fosters better business relationships and drives sales efficiency for Stellar Technical.

stellar board


The Outcome


Our project with Stellar Technical has been incredibly rewarding. Our design and development team provided a great new site design and brand identity. Most importantly, we are pleased that Stellar Technical is overjoyed with the outcome. Our goal was to elevate Stellar’s market presence and enhanced user conversions. So far, the modern look has been met with positive feedback from customers and stakeholders. This early positive response affirms the success of the redesign and rebranding efforts. Looking at the site analytics, we are noting an increase in direct website traffic and an improved user acquisition.


We are excited about the continued partnership with Stellar Technical. Looking ahead, we are eager to support them with more design and Shopify ecommerce development. The entire process, from initial concepts to final implementation, was a great collaboration between the two teams. We enjoyed every step of the journey and we are enthusiastic about what the future holds for Stellar with their revamped site and visual identity.