Amazon Today is a New Same-Day Service Option for Retail Stores and Warehouses

Amazon Today is a New Same-Day Service Option for Retail Stores and Warehouses

August 4th, 2022

Amazon Today is a new service for retail locations and warehouse that want to bring same-day delivery and pick-up to their Amazon storefronts. Let's review the API and integration requirements.

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Amazon Provides Same-Day Services


Customers are increasingly looking for fast and convenient delivery and pickup options. Amazon Today provides same-day delivery or in-store pickup directly to customers. Retail locations with a brick-and-mortar presence can now tap into this service and bring same-day options using their storefront. Retailers have the potential to increase sales through in-store pickup or delivery.


Amazon is introducing "Amazon Today", a powerful retail fulfillment service that brings inventory management, in-store pickup and delivery services to any business. Amazon shoppers will be able to select Same-Day Delivery or reserve items for pickup directly from their store.


The new service provides reliable same-day delivery at scale to enterprise retail partners. If you're a vendor with your own branded retail stores you could be eligible to use the service Reach out to your Amazon Partner Manager or the Sunrise Integration Amazon Team if you need help integrating Amazon Today.



What is Amazon Today?


Amazon Today is an extension of Amazon selling accounts and is designed to bring same-day services to retail locations. Now it's possible to leverage your Amazon storefront and expose your retail products to millions of customers. Amazon shoppers can select same-day delivery or pickup directly from your Amazon store using the service. By integrating the new APIs, your retail products become available for same-day services right from the Amazon Marketplace. Customers will have the pick-up and delivery option along with the standard shipping selections. The integration with Amazon Today will provide local pick-up and delivery options based upon the details of your locations. Now you can leverage the power of an ecommerce integration while maintaining your own in-store POS or ERP system.


How To Integrate With Your Storefront


The integration starts with a series of powerful new API endpoints to augment same-day functionality like in-store pickup, inventory management and order management services. The integration with Amazon Today requires backend development to bring real time communication between your retail locations and the Amazon platform. You will need to rely on an expert development team like Sunrise Integration to connect your retail data (i.e. POS, ERP, etc.) to the Amazon API services. Once this connection is made, you can bring same-services to your storefront. This is also known as BOPIS.


Buy online pick-up in store (BOPIS) is a great way to reach new customers, engage with your local community and drive increased in-store foot traffic by sending local customers to your store to pick up their items. When a BOPIS item is purchased online, you will be notified via the custom integration. This development will alert your associates to prepare the product for customer pick-up. It creates an easy and seamless experience for the customer.


Once your physical stores are onboarded, you can enable products for participation in Amazon Today program. Those selected products will feature special same-day purchasing options right on your Sellers page. Customers can select to pick-up in store or have same-day delivery. The API integration will ensure your inventory and order data stays synchronized. All interactions and purchasing happens directly on Amazon. All orders and data is routed directly to your retail system via a custom API integration. This custom development with Amazon Today is available to third-party sellers with physical storefronts or warehouses.


51% of online shoppers checked online for product availability at a nearby store.


Once you're integrated, it is critical to maintain performance guidelines (e.g. pick-up ready rate, cancellation rate, in-store fulfillment rate) to remain eligible for the program. This is where the quality of your development is critical, so you'll want to find an expert partner like Sunrise Integration to ensure you will meet all guidelines.


Same-day Services For Your Retail Store


Your customers want fast and convenient delivery and pickup options. Amazon Today is an opportunity to market your in-store selections on while offering same-day delivery or in-store pickup. Your products will be seen by potentially millions of new customers.


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