Happy New Year and Thank You

Happy New Year and Thank You

December 30th, 2021

Sunrise Integration wishes everyone a Happy New Year and we extend a huge thanks to our team, clients, partners and friends for making us what we are!

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Business in 2021


As the COVID-19 pandemic continued through 2021, businesses and customers made conscious (and unconscious) changes in what they expect from one another. A bigger push for online selling, returns and delivery services emerged in 2021. We received many inquiries from prospective clients seeking developments for delivery services, video selling, mobile pickup and package tracking. The trend in 2021 was to leverage online services to bring new business directly to customers via their phones and browsers. Industries made big moves to embrace new technologies and developments. Sunrise Integration was there to provide support and guidance for our existing clients and new start-up businesses. We were fortunate in 2021 to work on some great new projects and with some exciting new companies. We love our home here in Los Angeles and enjoy supporting the local tech community.


Looking forward to 2022


As we move into 2022, we expect to see a continued reliance on online shopping and delivery including mobile services. Sellers and influencers are now even more comfortable with live streaming and video, so we expect an uptick in multimedia selling techniques to engage with customers.


Our development team started exploring new artificial intelligence services and APIs to bring deep learning services to our clients. There are amazing new “Web3.0” technologies emerging and 2022 will yield even more advancements. Our team is staying on top of this tech and will incorporate a lot of this new magic into projects for our clients.  


And a big thanks


We want to thank our incredible team here at Sunrise Integration for another year of amazing commitment and ingenuity. We are nothing without the dedication and hard work of every single person in our organization. We look forward to another year filled with fun challenges and new projects. We thank you all for making Sunrise Integration what we are.


We also want to thank our clients for trusting our team to be your development partner. We enjoy solving your challenges and providing insight and ideas for new growth directions. We value our relationships and are excited to provide additional support and magic in the upcoming year.


There will of course be new challenges and pandemic unknowns in 2022 but together we will tackle anything that comes our way.


Thank you all and Happy New Year. We’ll see you in 2022.


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