Sunrise Gives: Providing Legal Representation to LA County's Most Vulnerable

September 20th, 2021

Getting legal help can be expensive and those that can’t afford it are left with few options. That’s why we’re lending our support to Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County (NLSLA), an organization that helps the less fortunate receive legal representation during tough times.

Alex R
  by Alex R

Getting legal help can be expensive and those that can’t afford it are left with few options. Thankfully, organizations like Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County (NLSLA) help the less fortunate receive the legal representation they need during tough times. We’ve all had moments in our life where a helping hand was what we needed to get us back on our feet–NLSLA fully embodies this ethos, which is why they are this month’s featured charity.


Alex Rusin, senior web developer at Sunrise Integration, like many of our team members, has a variety of skills and interests. Before pursuing an electrical engineering degree and subsequently a career in web development, he studied law in his native Belarus.


Alex wanted to use his legal knowledge as a volunteer at a self help legal clinic operated by NLSLA in Van Nuys. Located at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, this clinic mainly provides free legal help to low-income individuals and families. During his time there, Alex worked alongside two lawyers, a paralegal, and other volunteers and gained valuable experience helping clients with divorces, paternity cases, and evictions.


“Volunteering for NLSLA was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had, which is why I’d love to support them so they can continue doing great work,” Alex says.


Each year NLSLA provides free assistance to more than 150,000 individuals and families through innovative projects that expand access to justice and address the most critical needs of people living in poverty throughout Los Angeles.


If you would also like to support NLSLA, please click here.


Sunrise Gives strives to bring a positive impact to our communities. Every month, a member of our team chooses a charity that’s close to their heart and Sunrise Integration will make a contribution to that organization.


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