Using Recharge to Develop a Custom Delivery Bundle Service

Using Recharge to Develop a Custom Delivery Bundle Service

May 2nd, 2022

When we were approached to develop a recurring subscription service and mobile app, we immediately knew Recharge was the tool for the job.

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Creating a Custom Delivery Bundle


When Sunrise Integration was approached to develop a custom recurring subscription service and mobile app, we knew Recharge was the tool for the job. A local meal delivery service needed a flexible subscription platform that would work within their unique bundle requirements. 


Our development team took up that challenge and blended the Recharge API with Shopify Plus and a cloud-based middleware service that’s designed to grow with the business. Keeping future expansion in mind, our goal was to create a common data layer for the web service and mobile app to consume real-time subscription information. How are we able to offer this level of customization and still provide a future-centric development? Enter the Recharge API.


Using the Recharge API


At our core, Sunrise Integration is an API development and integration company. Our team is empowered by partners who offer API solutions along with their platform services. Recharge is one such company that offers a comprehensive set of API endpoints that appeal to developers like Sunrise Integration. Experienced development teams can use the API to customize every aspect of a subscription project. The Recharge API allowed Sunrise Integration to create custom workflows while using Recharge to power the recurring services. 


The Recharge API is a software interface that allows for programmatic access to common operations within the Recharge platform. The API allows development companies like Sunrise Integration to expand the connectivity of Recharge to external services. Features like subscription information, customer data, and order details can be externally queried using the Recharge API. This magnifies the flexibility of any project as custom connections can be developed to match the greater requirements.


The meal delivery service requires that customers manage their subscription including changing items, pausing services, altering delivery dates, and skipping weeks. The Sunrise Integration development team worked to design a convenient customer experience that transparently accesses the array of API endpoints within the Recharge platform. We were able to devise a fully customized UI/UX layer without compromising the backend subscription capabilities. This was only possible with the Recharge API.


Recurring Delivery with Recharge


Our team created a custom meal program on Shopify for choosing food and selecting delivery dates. All this customer data and delivery information is combined to create the recurring profile on Recharge. The custom middleware management platform communicates with Recharge to validate the invoices and assemble the data into the recurring subscription details for Recharge. In addition, the middleware service creates delivery routes, provides packing slip shipment information, and creates pick-and-pack workflow management. Customers can easily adjust their meals and subscription information on the website. The changes are automatically synchronized with Recharge ensuring proper delivery and payment information.


Looking to the Future with Recharge


Sunrise Integration is excited to be a Recharge development partner and we look forward to more great innovations. Our team is seeing an ever-increasing demand for recurring services and feels confident Recharge is the platform to power subscription demands well into the future.


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