Why You Should Text Your Customers: Recharge's Transactional SMS Tool

Why You Should Text Your Customers: Recharge's Transactional SMS Tool

May 6th, 2022

Recharge brings SMS to the platform to empower merchants with SMS notification capabilities to offer a variety of promotions to customers.

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Why You Should Text Your Customers: Recharge's Transactional SMS Tool


Texting is a huge part of daily life–it facilitates making plans with friends, catching up with family, and increasingly, shopping online and in real life. With so many people relying on texting as an avenue to shop, businesses are paying attention. 


With SMS, you can do everything from send updates (for appointments, reservations, shipments, etc.) to offer a variety of promotions to your customers. Using SMS for transactions is a relatively new concept, but its importance in the purchase and post-purchase experience is growing. And why shouldn’t it? Up to 90% of recipients open text messages. By contrast, only 20% of email recipients open every email message!


The Benefits of SMS for Businesses


  • Grow your brand voice

  • Create another point of connection with your customers

  • Increase lifetime value of customers

  • Automate your customer support for cost and time savings

  • Increase average order value (AOV)


The Power of RechargeSMS


One company that truly understands the importance of using transactional SMS is Recharge. Their team has developed RechargeSMS, a tool that allows merchants–who offer subscription-based services–to give their subscribers more power and over their subscriptions, all without having to log into a portal. 


In fact, Recharge merchants have experienced 13x more customer engagement via SMS over traditional emails and 10% Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) growth by preventing cancellations with built-in win-back strategies!


Here’s what customers can do with it:


  • Get reminders and easily modify orders 

    • At initial checkout, customers can click a one-time checkbox that allows merchants to text them about their orders. Three days before their payment charge is set to occur, merchants can send them customizable, automated reminder texts, along with options to modify their order.

  • Swap products 

    • Customers can change their minds, and merchants should make it easy for them to do so. No matter the reason, subscribers can swap products in their order—without having to log on to their customer portal.

  • Add a one-time purchase

    • Maybe a merchant’s customers want to try something new or add something extra onto their recurring order. One-time purchases are only a text message away. 

  • Skip or delay shipments

    • If a customer is traveling, overstocked on product, or just needs a short break, they can skip or delay an order with a quick text.

  • Change address

    • If a customer moves and needs their products delivered to another address, they can easily change it with a request through SMS.


Are you running a subscription business? Have you considered how much growth you can experience with transactional SMS? It’s time to text your customers.



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