Integrate PaaS features from Exigo

Sunrise Integration extends your Exigo Platform as a Service capabilities including reporting, operational data, SQL queries and connects them with other omnichannel services.

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We'll tailor your Exigo platform to fit your business needs. Sunrise Integration extends your ecommerce services into an end-to-end direct selling ecosystem. We extend your data and tools to make it work the way you do.

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The Exigo platform provides up-to-the-minute access to operational data, executive dashboards and custom SQL queries. Exigo is the #1 platform for MLM software services and Sunrise Integration is your expert integration partner.

Sunrise Integration will develop powerful solutions using the Exigo API to put all your information in one place including real time data synchronization, ecommerce services, shipping logistics, international regulations, recurring subscriptions, analytics, API integration and more.

Integrate with platforms like Shopify, Magento, ShipStation, Amazon and more.

  • Manage customer details

  • Payment and ecommerce integration

  • Product and inventory synchronization

  • Custom order templates

  • Database and SQL integration

  • Custom reporting and analytics

  • Synchronize with WMS and 3PL services

  • Recurring subscriptions

  • Custom API integration

  • Shipping calculations and taxes