Creating a Craft Brew Subscription Service for Swig and Sport

Creating a Craft Brew Subscription Service for Swig and Sport

June 11th, 2022

How did Sunrise Integration develop a venue and drink coupon subscription system for Swig & Sport? Read more to see how our team accomplished the goal with Shopify and Recharge.

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Craft Brews and Fun


Swig & Sport builds a community for craft brews, wines, spirits, and the sports arena with a monthly subscription service. The Swig & Sport site provides members with recurring monthly coupons to receive free drinks, discounts and more.


After visiting several pubs, distilleries, wineries and meaderies (sounds like a fun job!), the Swig & Sport team observed a common interest in the community's desire for quality drinks and sports. They saw an opportunity to support local craft breweries with a recurring coupon service.


They came to Sunrise Integration for our expertise in ecommerce development to turn their idea into a reality.


How Does it Work?


The Swig & Sport system offers discounted craft beverages at local breweries, sports stores and companies. Subscribers can take advantage of recurring coupons via a monthly subscription. Swig & Sport also shares local live events with the members.


Their team needed a backend service to handle the monthly subscriptions and the coupon service. Our team knew Recharge was the perfect monthly subscription service provider for the job. The coupon service required custom software development so our team built a solution that consisted of the required integrations.


"Swig & Sport" - Project Spotlight Sunrise Integration


Recharge Subscriptions and Custom Coupons


Whenever we hear the word "subscription", we know Recharge is the platform of choice to handle this service. The Sunrise Integration Recharge development team outlined the needs for the Swig & Sport process and began working on the integration which included a monthly and yearly option to handle the recurring membership services. These were created in Shopify and imported into Recharge to create the subscriptions. There's also a gift card option where customers can purchase memberships as a present for family and friends.


At the core of Swig & Sport is the coupon service. Members can redeem coupons at participating venues via their phones. Sunrise Integration developed a custom solution that integrates directly with Shopify and works with the member's mobile phone. Members can easily search for venues, add coupons and redeem them for free drinks and other services.


Sunrise Integration can easily integrate Shopify and Recharge for a seamless recurring payment solution


Looking For a Custom Subscription Solution?


Do you need a custom subscription integration for your project? We have expertise and experience in custom ecommerce development and app programming. As official Recharge development partners, you can trust that our team will build high-quality custom recurring payments services for your business.



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