Sunrise Gives: Transforming Urban Spaces with Urban Alchemy

Sunrise Gives: Transforming Urban Spaces with Urban Alchemy

October 19th, 2022

We are happy to support our next charity for Sunrise Gives: Urban Alchemy, improving the lives of vulnerable people in the community.

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We’re happy to announce that our next charity for Sunrise Gives is Urban Alchemy. When a neighborhood, street or intersection earns a reputation as a place to avoid, Urban Alchemy turns it around. As a social enterprise that engages in situations where extreme poverty meets homelessness, mental illness and addiction, they provide services that improve the lives of vulnerable people in the community.


Cleaning Up Los Angeles


Urban Alchemy was tasked with providing a clean-up program for Skid Row in Los Angeles. Urban Alchemy provided a similar service in San Francisco and their team wanted to provide the same community outreach and care to Los Angeles.


Skid Row was struggling with many of the same challenges as the Tenderloin in San Francisco. There are tents on the streets, massive illegal dumping of food waste and manufacturing by-products amongst the mess. The Urban Alchemy Clean Team, worked hard and fast to clear the grid, while also creating respectful and positive relationships with everyone on the streets.


Urban Alchemy removed 1,119 tonnes of trash (55,940 bags), safely disposed of 34,691 needles, and responded to 210 service calls. Those are mindblowing numbers! Urban Alchemy helped transform Skid Row from a traumatized environment into somewhere people felt safe and proud to upkeep.


Sunrise Integration is proud to donate to Urban Alchemy and help in the efforts to keep our Los Angeles streets safe, clean and full of community pride.


Donating to Urban Alchemy


Urban Alchemy understands the important role that peaceful therapeutic spaces play in the road to healing for our most vulnerable neighbors. The donation provided by Sunrise Integration will furnish the new Decompression Centers in Downtown, Venice and The Valley for The CIRCLE Alternative to Police Response program as well as the training center for the Urban Alchemy Practitioner Staff.


"Urban Alchemy is a primary employer for formerly incarcerated and former Long Term Offenders. Through our work, we have the privilege of hiring, training and deploying some of the most talented and impactful team members in the country utilizing their talents, expertise and life experience to transform spaces.  We value the strong relationship between our business stakeholder partners as a critical element in the fight to end homelessness in our communities and provide quality services and spaces for those in need."


– Urban Alchemy


If you would like more information or want to support Urban Alchemy, please visit their site:


Sunrise Gives strives to bring a positive impact to our communities. Every few months, a member of our team chooses a charity that’s close to their heart and Sunrise Integration will make a contribution to that organization.


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