The Genius of Intelligent Search

The Genius of Intelligent Search

April 5th, 2022

When it comes to creating an enjoyable digital experience, customers simply expect expansive digital search and discovery capabilities from companies.

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When it comes to creating an enjoyable digital experience, users and customers look at expansive digital search and discovery capabilities as a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have.


Intelligent search is AI-powered personalized search that takes us far beyond providing direct search queries. After all, people search in different ways and sometimes, they expect different results from the same search queries. 


Imagine a company’s online internal documentation. With intelligent search, employees can search for queries like “How many vacation days can I take?” or “How long do I have to work here before I can receive benefits?” and get relevant answers 


For an ecommerce shop that has a massive catalog of sports gear, intelligent search can generate personalized results depending on the user’s search history, which products they click on, which items are on their wishlist, etc. If a customer who plays soccer searches for “shorts”, their results would be different from a rollerblader because of their activity on the online store.


Readers of news websites can search for questions like, “What is causing the labor shortage?”, and get relevant results that doesn’t necessarily include the exact phrase that was entered.


The real-life applications are endless. In short, intelligent search generates tailored results by understanding context and the true intent of the user, which businesses can’t attain by simply using regular search functionality. We like to think of it like search on steroids!


How does intelligent search work?


Intelligent search combines Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning and semantic vector search. As a result, this powerful technology delivers results based on related queries, synonyms, phonetic similarities, and even typos. Intelligent search also learns visual document structure which allows it to quickly learn and identify elements such as headers, footers, charts, and tables, which means it can recognize document types such as contracts, purchase orders, and invoices.


What are the benefits of intelligent search?


  • In-depth search data and insights can drive your business decisions

  • Create more meaningful digital experiences and as a result, retain more customers and users

  • Easier access to relevant information to employees and end users

  • Time and cost savings because you have all the information you need at your fingertips

  • Boost productivity

  • Discovery of information and products

  • Provide personalized solutions for internal and external users

  • Increase user retention


How can my business implement intelligent search?


Nowadays, there are many software vendors, tools and strategies that startups and smaller businesses can use to implement intelligent search in their own software products.


Services like Algolia allow powerful plug & play NLP intelligent search capabilities and curation with minimal engineering overhead. These SaaS tools use configurable automation, API hooks and their own powerful AI to plug into common software platforms such as Shopify,  BigCommerce and Zendesk, as well as robust custom databases for startup and enterprise needs.


As data engineers, UX strategists and partners of Algolia, a leader in intelligent search services, we’re experts in enhancing your business with personalized intelligent search. If you want to know how to maximize intelligent search and make it work for you, contact our team of integration experts.



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