The Best of 2023 at Sunrise Integration: Pioneering Integration Excellence and Celebrating Growth

The Best of 2023 at Sunrise Integration: Pioneering Integration Excellence and Celebrating Growth

December 21st, 2023

We’ve learned so much as a team and we’re excited to bring those lessons into 2024. Thanks to our clients, partners, staff and anyone who's been following us on this journey for an awesome year.

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Looking Back At 2023


To know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve been. And what a wild ride it's been so far! We worked with new clients and partners, continued developing our existing relationships, fostered our growing team and discovered exciting trends in tech and ecommerce.


As 2023 draws to a close, we want to take this time to reflect on a year of extraordinary growth and innovation. Our team spent the year working on exciting ecommerce projects and solutions. It was amazing to see our clients thrive and launch new ventures.


We're grateful to our amazing team, partners and clients for making 2023 a remarkable year and we look forward to continuing our journey in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce technology.


What better way to end the year than to celebrate this year’s milestones and growth with you?  


sunrise integration team dinner

The Sunrise Integration Los Angeles team getting together for dinner


Without further ado, here are some of our favorite highlights from an incredible 2023 at Sunrise Integration!

Projects and Client Success

As a team that takes pride in their work, there’s nothing more gratifying than building solutions for our clients' success. From Shopify app development and API integrations, to design and branding, our team was excited to help a diverse array of businesses create, innovate and grow in 2023.


We feel pretty lucky that we can partner up with innovative businesses across different industries. To our clients: a huge thank you for putting your trust in us! It's not something we take lightly. Here's to shaping the future of ecommerce and tech together. Let's look back on a few noteable projects:


Worth & Co.

Design, Development and Launch of Dufresne Spencer Group’s (DSG) Upper End Retail Brand


When the group behind Ashley Furniture decided to launch a new luxury brand, Sunrise Integration was excited to get the call as the design and development team to lead the way. Worth & Co. required a beautifully designed website with high performance. By blending aesthetic appeal and usability, we empowered Worth & Co. to offer impressive digital experiences for users through every step of their journey.


  • Custom Shopify Plus theme coding

  • Unique development and integration

  • UI/UX design and branding

  • Klaviyo integration for customer information and membership signups

  • Luxury design and images

Our design and development team worked closely with the marketing and leadership at Ashley to ensure the correct messaging and vibe were present on the site. The Worth & Co. team wanted to showcase a feeling of luxury and class. We accomplished this using large lifestyle images that represented the brand and selection.

Learn More About The Worth & Co Project



Ok Capsule

New Shopify App And Public Enterprise API Development


Ok Capsule is a private-label personalized supplement B2B brand that enlisted our team’s help to build a new Shopify app and API platform. Because they offer tailored supplement packets to businesses (who then sell them to their customers), the ability for in-depth personalization is critical.


OK Capsule is Private label supplements made easy


Using the Ok Capsule platform, customers can launch their own supplement business and use OK Capsule as the fulfillment service. The handy Shopify App lets merchants embed a customizable Product Builder right into their store. For enterprise clients, the robust public API lets merchants directly integrate their business with the OK Capsule platform. This is the perfect solution for the power users who need more flexibility.


Visit the OK Capsule website




Digital Transformation of Direct Sales Supplement Company


As Immunotec grows, it’s important that its technology scales with it. With this in mind, we built a one-stop-shop portal to connect software, platforms and systems throughout the full spectrum of their business. This includes marketing channels, ops and finance, fulfillment, new sales models, post-transaction, customer relationship and D2C ecommerce.


  • Extensive order management portal

  • API connections to core services like Exigo, tax software and their warehouse management system (WMS)

  • Other custom development projects as needed




Learn more about this project




Upgraded Shopify Site and Custom Development


As an outdoor clothing brand that offers high-quality mountaineering gloves and personalization options, Give’r needed to upgrade and modernize its existing Shopify site. Our development worked closely with their team and Fortress Consulting to ensure they were ready to scale into the next phase of their journey.


  • Shopify 2.0 migration

  • Extensive collaboration on product customizer 

  • Advisory services


giver website customizer


Visit the Giver'r website




Website Launch and Branding of Global Lifestyle Brand


As a lifestyle brand that offers exciting watersport boards for adventurous wave surfers called the eFoil, Pulseer needed a dynamic site to reflect the needs of its customers. Pulseer reached out to Sunrise Integration in 2023 as their ecommerce partner. Our team was able to work directly with Pulseer to design and launch their online store. The Shopify site brings the excitement of eFoils right to the customer.


Thanks to their sleek new website, they’re able to grow their sales and brand awareness. Some of services we were able to provide to Pulseer:


  • UI/UX design and branding

  • Custom web development

  • Provide website copywriting

  • Embedding social media


Learn more about the Pulseer project


Improved Performance, Increased Sales and ADA Compliance for Popular Supplement Company


After a long night out in the city with friends, you might find the next morning is a bit rough. Thanks to MoreLabs, it's a little less difficult with their Morning Recovery drink.


A growing company, MoreLabs uses its proprietary blend to produce dietary supplement drinks to help people live more productive and healthier lives. In preparation for their big website relaunch, they came to the Sunrise Integration team to work on a variety of tasks to support their growth and increase their sales. Our Growth & Retention team go to work and focused on the major issues affecting the site:


  • Update the site's ADA compliance

  • Improve site performance

  • Increase conversation rate optimization (CRO)

  • Integrate Google Analytics 4

  • Provide various services as needed, such as fixing site issues and bugs, making updates, and more

  • Ongoing monthly SLA support

morelabs pdp



Layline Automation

Full Site Re-Design and Development for Engineering Firm


Layline Automation is a company that offers highly technical expertise and a broad range of services. Our goal was to simplify, clarify and beautify their website to increase its effectiveness. Throughout the development process, we had in-depth meetings and email communications with their team while building a website that would support Layline’s growth and attract big-name clients. As a result, they’re now able to communicate their deep expertise in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. 


  • UI/UX design and branding

  • Custom web development

  • Website copy


layline automation website


Visit the website



Avant-Garde Piercing

Enhanced Backend Operations


Avant-Garde is a piercing studio that not only focuses on piercings but also the best strategies for wound care and treatment. In their pursuit of becoming a leader in the modern body piercing industry, they knew they needed experts to help them streamline and modernize their backend operations. Avant-Garde reached out to Sunrise Integration for a custom in-store development to support customer forms and payments. Using their in-store iPads, the team at Avant-Garde can digitally log customer data and take electornic signatures for each procedure. All customer records are stored digitally and can be easily recalled on the iPad. It's a great modern solution.


  • Custom iPad service for customer management

  • Administration portal to manage form data

  • Integration with Shopify for automatic customer integration with in-store services.

  • Create a systematic way of tracking their customers and appointments

  • Database to keep track of the success rate of treatment care

  • Build their POS and connect to their online booking (all on Shopify)


Visit the Avant-Garde website



That's only a small sample of some of the great projects we worked on in 2023. While we can't list everyone, we do want to acknowledge and thank every client. We're nothing without you and look forward to long partnerships. 😊

Events and Conferences

After two long years of isolation and virtual meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2023 emerged as a year of rejuvenation and connection. It was a year marked by the resurgence of in-person events. We once again shook hands with our clients, exchanged ideas face-to-face with partners and experienced the energy of crowded trade shows.


Each event was filled with the excitement of making new connections and opportunities. We learned a lot and met so many great people; we hope next year we’ll get to do the same! After all, it's always nice to get a bit of time away from our screens to shake hands and make connections with people face-to-face. 


Events we attended this year:


  • CES

  • Etail West

  • Shoptalk

  • Recharge ChargeX Beyond

  • Atlanta Ecommerce Summit

  • Crossbeam Supernode

  • Natural Products Expo West

  • Shopify Enterprise Summit

  • K:LA Partner & Developer Day 2023

  • Cloudinary User Summit

  • Recurring Revenue Conference

2023 events photo collage


For a deeper look into the ChargeX Beyond event, read the retrospective written by Patrick, our Director of Business Development:



Attending a future event and want to meet up? Let’s connect!


Community Involvement 

As a mission-driven organization, it’s important for us to give back to the community and support causes that are near and dear to our hearts. We believe in the power of coming together to spread kindness and generosity to those who need it most.


Children’s Hospital of LA 


If you’re a parent to young children or have young relatives, you understand how important it is that they receive high-quality healthcare if and when they need it. This is certainly the case here at Sunrise Integration as many people on our team have young children in their families. Ron, our VP of Strategic Accounts and Innovation is a proud father himself and has chosen the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to receive a donation as part of our Sunrise Gives program.



Alzheimer's Association


We couldn’t be happier to support our next charity for Sunrise Gives, the Alzheimer’s Association. John, our superstar PM, has chosen this charity because some of his family members have dealt with Alzheimer's. He's seen how the disease can slowly take away a person's sense of self, and how helpless they become towards the end of their life. We hope that one day, we can live in a world without Alzheimer's and all other dementia.



Brave Trails Mobile App


Brave Trails Family Camp is a weekend-long adventure filled with exciting activities, LGBTQ pride, and all the fun of a quintessential camp experience. It's designed to be a place where campers can make lifelong family memories. Brave Trails wanted to enhance this connection and develop a mobile app to make it easier for families and campers to interact.


The Brave Trails team approached Sunrise Integration to design and develop the mobile app. They wanted an app to help communicate events, display meals and allow campers to connect with other attendees. 


See you in 2024!

We’ve learned so much as a team and we’re excited to bring those lessons into 2024. Thank you to our clients, partners, staff and anyone who's been following us on this journey for an awesome year.


As things wind down for Q4, it’s a great time for rest, relaxation and reflection so we can prepare for the exciting things coming in tech and ecommerce. We can’t wait to experience it with you all!


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